I have been working as a cook since I was 18. First I was a student in Udine, then in Venice Ferdinando Alzetta was my master in Hotel Excelsior, and later on I worked in London, Moscow, New York and Seoul where I could be Angelo Paracucchi’s chef.

I arrived to Budapest more than 25 years ago, which was supposed to be only a short visit. However, sometimes life takes unexpected turns. I met my wife, we opened a restaurant together and Fausto’s soon became one of the best known restaurants in the city. Since the opening, the kitchen of our restaurant has been managed by Cavicchiolo Giorgio, and besides, Gergely Maul, the manager has also been a significant person in our restaurant for nearly 20 years.

In our contemporary Italian cuisine, we combine traditional flavors and ingredients with local ones; it is a mixture of acquired knowledge and instinctive intuition. Since 1994 our restaurant has been honored with numerous rewards, but we receive the greatest honor from our wide range of regular guests, who inspire us day by day to showcase what we think about gastronomy and hospitality.

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