Our home delivery service in Budapest

every day from 12:00-till 20:00  –  orders from 10:00 to 18:00


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The price of delivery will depend on your address


Bepin de eto Prosecco  5500.-

Bepin de eto Prosecco MAGNUM  11.000.-

Bepin de eto Flave Rosato  4500.-

Fratteli Berlucci Franciacorta  9500.-

Fratteli Berlucci Franciacorta Rosé  11.000.-

Bellavista Alma Grab Cuvée, brut  16.000.-



Sauvignon Blanc, Fausto’s selection, Ermacora  5000.-

Pinot Grigio, Fausto’s selection, Ermacora  5000.-

Friulano, Ermacora  5000.-

Ribolla Gialla Ermacora  5000.-

Greccio Bianco, Bepin de eto  5000.-

Falanghina, Capoforte  5000.-

Fiano, Capoforte  5000.-

Ca Dei Frati, Lugana  9000.-

Ca Dei Frati, Rosé   8000.-



Bepin de eto Merlot  5000.-

Bepin de eto Greccio Rosso  6000.-

Bepin de eto Croda Ronca  14000.-

Primitivo , Capoforte  5000.-

Primitivo, Primocapo Capoforte  11.000.-

Negroamaro , Capoforte  5000.-

Sud del Sud, Claudio Quarta  7500.-

Campo Buri La Capuccina  11.500.-

Siepi, Mazzei   27000.-



Moscato Spumante Bepin de Eto  4500.-

Kései szüret Bardon  6000.-

Our home delivery service in Budapest

Monday – Sunday

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Info and orders

Phone: +36 30 589 1813

The price of delivery will depend on your adress

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  Taking into account events in Italy, after a long deliberation, we have decided that from Monday 16 March our restaurant will be suspended indefinitely.

We have made our decision above all ethical considerations for the benefit of our employees, their families and our guests. In the broader sense, we justify our decision that we want Hungary to avoid the tragedy of Lombardy!

In this situation, we believe that the only responsible behavior is to limit our movements to a minimum and encourage others to do so by stopping. Going to a restaurant, theater, cinema, company, is a great thing, but we think the only possible attitude is to be able to stay at home, reducing the number of contacts.

Think of the elderly, the weak, the people who are particularly vulnerable to the virus, the health care workers. It is all up to us how we will fight in the future, how much the disease will spread.

Of course, we ensure the financial security of our employees even during the closing time!