Ristorante and Osteria, two mood, one place.

All in one, the same unique service, fine selection of food, wine and spirits and the unmistakable Fausto style, yet, a distinctive kind of atmosphere each.


Fausto’s Ristorante – open at lunch and dinner time – offers classic Italian dishesen riched with a contemporary cuisine style, made from the best Italian and domestic ingredients, with an accurate and sophisticated service.

All ingredients of all courses are wisely combined in such a way to preserve their original flavor.

It’s possible as well to choose a 4-7 course tasting menu, which may be accompanied by a nice wine selection.

Reservation is kindly recommended.

To our kind guests with little children we kindly recommend the Osteria.

Dress code: Smart casual


Fausto’s Osteria – open from noon to eleven in the evening – offers traditional Italian courses within a cozy Bistro feeling. Our daily specials vary the menu in order to make you feel a homely atmosphere.

Our fish and meat dishes and home made pastas, are prepared with fresh seasonal Italian and domestic ingredients.

A 5 course daily menu is available too, with the possibility to order it fully as a tasting menu.

Fausto Di Vora: Cooking with pleasure

Fausto Di Vora has been living in Budapest for twenty years. In his restaurant the guests can find a high quality italian gastronomy.

Cooking with pleasure, his first book, written in hungarian language, was published with the intention to make his kitchen and his ideas about gastronomy and restaurant sector known to everybody.

Ristorante Opening:

Monday-Friday: 12-15  19-23

Saturday 18-23

Sunday Closed

Address: 1072 Budapest, Dohány utca 5.

Phone: +36 30 589 1813 E-mail: ristorante@fausto.hu

Osteria Opening:

Monday-Saturday: 12-23

Sunday Closed

Address: 1072 Budapest, Dohány utca 5.

Phone: +36 1 269-6806 E-mail: osteria@fausto.hu


1072 Budapest, Dohány utca 5. A Dohány utca 11. szám alatt a Zsinagóga mellett fizetős parkoló működik.

ugrás fel

Kedves Vendégeink,

Fausto’s a casa tua!
Éttermünk egy időre bezárt, de konyhánk továbbra is üzemel! Fogásainkat átveheti éttermünkben, vagy igény szerint házhoz szállítjuk Önnek.

Fausto’s az otthonában
Családi-baráti társaságok 3-5 fogásos ebédjét-vacsoráját otthonában elkészítjük, és igény szerint felszolgáljuk Önöknek 6 fő létszámtól.

Részletekről érdeklődjön kollégáinknál!
ristorante@fausto.hu, +36305891813


Dear Guests,

Fausto’s a casa tua!
Our restaurant is closed but our kitchen is still working.  You can take away your favorite dishes  from the restaurant or we can deliver it to your home.

Fausto’s at your home
We are happy to prepare and serve a 3-5 course lunch or dinner menu in your home with your friend or family; this offer is valid for reservations for minimum 6 people.

Please contact us for more information, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
ristorante@fausto.hu, +36305891813