Ristorante menu


Fausto’s Ristorante – open at lunch and dinner time  – offers classic Italian dishes enriched with a contemporary cuisine style, made from the best  Italian and domestic ingredients, with an accurate and sophisticated service.

Tasting menu 4-7 course 22.000 – 30.000.-

With wine pairing: 28.000 – 40.000.-



Marinated beef, eggplant, cottage cheese, coriander  6.500.-

Smoked salmon, cheese cream, rucola, tomato consommé  4.800.-

Steamed shrimps, melon, ginger, nut  5.500.-

Sea bass tartare, marinated gooseliver, strawberry, rhubarb  6.200.-

Sauris ham, buffalo’s mozzarella  4.200.-


Mediterranean fish soup  6.200.-

Green pea cream soup, ginger  2.200.-


Risotto, spinach, shrimps  5.500.-

Veal stuffed home made pasta, tuna sauce, capers  5.200.-

Tagliatelle, eggplant, buffalo’s mozzarella, nut  4.200.-

Paccheri, broccoli, squid, black mussel, tomatoe  6.500.-


Veal medallion, chive, potato, spinach  9.500.-

Beef slices, avocado, tomato, rucola  10.500.-

Owen baked sea bream, potato, eggplant, basil  8.500.-

Salmon trout, olives, zucchini  6.000.-

Shrimp tempura, vegatables, spicy tomato  7.500.-


Orange flavoured white chocolatte mousse  3.200.-

Coconut sorbet, strawberry  2.500.-

Choccolate cake, coconut, mango, curcuma  3.200.-

Tiramisu  2.500.-

Cheese selection  4.200.-



Sunday Closed


Address: 1072 Budapest, Dohány utca 5.

Phone: +36 30 589 1813
E-mail: ristorante@fausto.hu

ugrás fel

Our Restaurant will be closed between 5-6-7th of September because of a private event,
thank you for understanding!

Éttermünk Szeptember 5-6-7-én zárva tart, privát rendezvény miatt,
megértésüket köszönjük!