Contemporary Italian cuisine


Aperto a pranzo e a cena  il Ristorante presenta i piatti classici della vera cucina italiana rivisitati con un’espressione contemporanea, in un’atmosfera elegante  ed armoniosa e con un servizio attento e accurato.

Secondo il nostro stile, cerchiamo di dare un’anima e uno spirito ad ogni piatto senza alterare il vero  sapore del prodotto originale.

Ogni elemento da noi usato esprime il proprio contributo in una maniera  equilibrata ed armoniosa.

Dress code: Smart casual


This book is a manifestation of our gratitude towards our guests who have shown support and expressed their enthusiasm by visiting our restaurant in this extraordinary year, which has proven to be difficult, yet provided us with many experiences.

In this edition we have compiled simpler recipies from this year’s menus. We have tried to avoid complicated preparation methods and ingredients that are not easily available with the intention for our guests to easily prepare the dishes in the comfort of their home and to evoke the already familiar flavours.

We would also like to thank our colleagues, who have been working with us for many years, for their determination, patience, extraordinary work ethic and diligence.

This book is only available in Hungarian.

Fausto Di Vora: Cucinare con piacere (2012)

Fasuto Di Vora vive a Budapest da 20 anni. Nel suo ristorante si incontra una gastronomia italiana di alta qualitá.

Cucinare con piacere- suo primo libro – scritto in linqua ungherese pubblicato conl’intenzione di far conoscere la sua cucina, le sue idee della gastronomia e della ristorazione.

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Titolo: 1072 Budapest, Dohány utca 5.


1072 Budapest, Dohány utca 5. A Dohány utca 11. szám alatt a Zsinagóga mellett fizetős parkoló működik.

ugrás fel

Kedves Vendégeink,

Fausto’s a casa tua!
Éttermünk egy időre bezárt, de konyhánk továbbra is üzemel! Fogásainkat átveheti éttermünkben, vagy igény szerint házhoz szállítjuk Önnek.

Fausto’s az otthonában
Családi-baráti társaságok 3-5 fogásos ebédjét-vacsoráját otthonában elkészítjük, és igény szerint felszolgáljuk Önöknek 6 fő létszámtól.

Részletekről érdeklődjön kollégáinknál!, +36305891813


Dear Guests,

Fausto’s a casa tua!
Our restaurant is closed but our kitchen is still working.  You can take away your favorite dishes  from the restaurant or we can deliver it to your home.

Fausto’s at your home
We are happy to prepare and serve a 3-5 course lunch or dinner menu in your home with your friend or family; this offer is valid for reservations for minimum 6 people.

Please contact us for more information, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have., +36305891813