Fausto's borvacsora: Őszi kedvenceink / November 16.

Fausto's wine dinner: Our autumn favorites / November 16.

At this time in autumn, after the harvest, I often think of the winemakers, wine-producing families, the wooden barrels, the wines resting in them for months and years, their endless and curious wait to taste the fruits of their labor and their vines. Many families, many producing people who dedicate their lives to turning grapes into a smaller kind of magic.

We all have favorite, recurring wines, but trying new flavors is always interesting and pleasant.

I myself believe that we interpret a glass of wine, no matter whether it is sparkling, white or red, in our own way, with our current state of mind. Therefore, judgment is always relative. It depends on the wine, of course, and on the individual's knowledge of wines.

It is likely that this is why the same glass of wine can evoke different feelings in me. In such cases, it is not the wine that changes, but my mood, my feeling. Wine is like a beautiful dress that you wear. If you feel good in it, you can wear it well, then it's your dress, if the wine you taste gives you similar feelings, then it's your wine. When you drink a glass, it creates certain feelings, and it's important to pay attention to those feelings, not let labels influence our feelings. The glass of wine in your hand should give you feelings, atmosphere, cheerfulness, joy, and captivate you! We want to share these feelings with our selection of new and old favorite wines, the prestige of which we try to raise further with the dishes we have dreamed up.

Marcel Vézien L’Illustre Champagne N.V.
Marinated shrimp, mint, pineapple
Collavini Millesimato Ribolla Gialla Spumante 2018
Tuna, celery, caviar
Collavini Blanc Fumat DOC Collio 2021
Tortelli, cocoa, pesto, ricotta, lemon cane
Collavini Broy 2019
Sea bass, artichoke, smoked potato mousse
Mazzei Castello Fonterutoli Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2018
Deer tenderloin, artichoke cream, boletus, coffee
Louis Perdrier Brut Excellence
Lemon meringue, celery, lime

The price of the menu with wine list, mineral water and coffee is HUF 80,000

The price of the menu does not include other possible consumption and the 15% service fee charged at the end of the bill!

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