Life made it so that I could finally realize my childhood dream in Budapest, to have my own restaurant together with my wife, Aniko, when, after long planning and preparations, we opened a real Italian establishment in 1994 on Dohány Street. For us, Fausto's is not just a family business, it is an important essence of our lives, in the operation of which our adult children are now taking an increasing part. We know that during the changing times, the principles of success are always solid: Memorably good food and giving guests an experience every day.

Without whom it would not go

In accordance with Fausto's philosophy, in our contemporary Italian cuisine, we boldly combine Mediterranean flavors and ingredients with local ingredients, learned knowledge with instinctive intuition. Our aim is for every element of our dishes to retain their own character, and thus to create a balanced, harmonious taste.

Our suppliers are reliable, high-quality partners, all their products arrive raw, and every element of our dishes is processed and prepared locally.

  • Ákos Pfluger 2013

  • Peter Tiba 2015

  • Ádám Madarász 2014

  • Gregory Maul 1998