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"Carnia is a special corner of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. I was born there, I spent my childhood there, my basic values ​​and principles come from there.

I was able to work in great places around the world when I was young, my master Ferdinando Alzetta started me on my career, and Angelo Paracucchi it was determined by my entire work.

My ideas about food, flavors, are based on simplicity, when simplicity becomes culture, healthy and balanced cuisine is born. For me, nutrition has fundamental value, it is one of the pillars of our health. It would be difficult to exist without vegetables, great my favorites are fresh sea fish, I eat meat with pleasure but in moderation, and I regularly choose from our vegan and vegetarian dishes." (Fausto Di Vora)


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    The iconic dishes of Fausto's, which have been on the menu for years with small changes, seasonally reimagined

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