Fausto's Friends and Family: Charity Event

Fausto's Friends and Family: Charity Event

The idea of ​​occasionally meeting our guests more casually and informally, accompanied by pleasant music, pure Fausto's snacks, and fine wines, has long since matured in us. In addition, we often thought that, despite the economic uncertainties affecting the hospitality industry - the pandemic, the crisis, inflation, skyrocketing energy prices - we should also take care of those whose goal is to handle their daily livelihood, and survival. Connecting the two goals, we decided to call upon "Fausto's guest army" once a year for a unique evening. We will then donate a significant portion of the income from the pleasant evening spent together to support a cause or organization of our choice.

In the beginning, we were a little unsure how we could make all of this reality because we had never organized such an event before: we didn't know what the reception would be like, or how interested the guests would be. But we took a deep breath, made up our minds, and organized our first, but certainly not our last, charity evening. The tickets for the event practically sold out in a few days.  
In the evening, in addition to meaningful conversations, we served our well-known and beloved dishes - hams, cheeses, sea fish, meat, pasta, risottos - our favorite prosecco and wines were also served alongside the delicious snacks.

The success of the event, the countless useful experience gained during its organization and execution, and the supportive presence of our guests convinced us that we are going to continue to create similar opportunities in the future, so the collective power of the friends of Fausto's restaurant is used for the benefit of those in need.

On the first charity evening - thanks to the joint effort - we were able to gather HUF 3,800,000 for the Heim Pál Pediatric Institute's Haemophilia Foundation.

Thank you to the guests and friends of Fausto's restaurant for being with us this evening. And we thank you for your enthusiasm and endless trust, and for the fact that together we were able to offer serious help to the modern treatment of children treated in the Heim Pál Hospital's Onco-Hematology Department.

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