Olasz Gasztronómiai Világhét 2023 November 13-19

World Italian Gastronomy Week 2023 November 13-19

The Italian Academy of Culinary Arts is a unique institution, operating for fifty years with the aim of preserving the invaluable heritage of the Italian gastronomic tradition both in Italy and in the world. Italian cuisine is a symbol of historical and cultural development; and eno-gastronomy is a valuable heritage, the tradition and purity of which must be preserved. Culinary art is, not by chance, the deepest means of expression of a country's culture. Therefore, when we talk about the civilization of culinary art, we mean the customs, traditions, lifestyle, and customs of a country's inhabitants, because the gastronomic identity is also a cultural identity. Thus, the preservation of taste, the preservation of the civilization of taste, is absolutely necessary for a people to preserve and protect its entire identity. This is exactly the primary goal of the Italian Academy of Culinary Arts.

In 2003, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Assets awarded the Italian Academy of Culinary Arts the title of Cultural Institution of the Italian Republic in recognition of the Academy's intensive work in spreading, preserving and emphasizing Italian gastronomic culture, both nationally and internationally. 

The dinner of the members of the Italian Academy of Culinary Arts, held annually on the occasion of the World Italian Gastronomy Week, is unusually planned for a non-closed circle this year, and we want to make it open to our guests as well.

The price of the dinner is HUF 40,000, which includes the consumption of the menu and the accompanying wine list and mineral water, excluding other expenses incurred beyond that, as well as the 15% service charge.

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