Valentin napi menü

Valentine's day menu

We believe there's some truth to the fact that enjoying delicious food and drink together makes love easier!
At least that's what we do here at the restaurant every day: we eat and drink well, for more than 30 years, and it seems to work...
Of course, every day can be a Valentine's Day, but February 14th only comes once a year, so this year we are preparing for it with the following menu:

Marinated scampi, eggplant ice cream, caviar

Tortelli, beetroot, green apple, basil 

Turbot, cabbage, potato 

Veal fillet, goose liver, Jerusalem artichoke 

Quince mousse, toasted walnut

The menu costs HUF 43,000, and does not include drinks and the 15% service fee charged after consumption.

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