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Fausto's In Your Home - Recipe Book

Fausto's In Your Home - Recipe Book

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Over the many, many years, our family's life has become almost completely intertwined with the restaurant. This is where we spend most of our time and not only work here, but also celebrate here. Our children almost grew up here, we have lunch and dinner here, the events of the restaurant's life often determine our conversations at home. All this is sometimes tiring, other times easier. Sometimes we cry, but more often we are happy. We believe that our guests who have been loyal for years feel it, for us this is not just a business venture.


Perhaps we can thank everyone and the team that has been working with us for years that we were able to get through this year 2020, full of completely unknown situations, problems, sometimes fears, but also many lessons, without any major difficulties.

We have collected our simpler dishes in our recipe collection. We tried to avoid all ingredients and preparation methods that are difficult to obtain, because we want them to be easy to prepare at home. Because we want them to be able to recall the moments they spent with us at home, at the dinner table, and even then, they don't have to give up the flavors they are used to and like at our place.

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