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Fausto's Cooking with Joy - Recipe Book

Fausto's Cooking with Joy - Recipe Book

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Fausto Di Vora has lived in Budapest for more than 20 years. In its restaurants, the guests encounter top Italian gastronomy every day. His book "Cooking with Joy" was created with the intention that readers could get to know his refined cuisine, his views on gastronomy and quality hospitality.

There are no secrets, Fausto's dishes are made with disciplined work and excellent ingredients. The more than 100 recipes in the book create an opportunity for anyone to recall the unique flavors of Fausto's restaurants at home. Get to know the wonderful raw materials they use and the technique required for their processing.

The book presents the most important states of Fausto Di Vora's exceptional gastronomic career. We can find out why he chose Budapest after Venice, London, New York, Los Angeles and Seoul, but we can also gain an insight into the incredibly hard work that goes on in his kitchen. In addition to unique dishes, the book also includes recipes for essential basic preparations. Thus, preparing the sauces, gravies or broths required for the selected food lines should not be a problem either. Whichever recipe we choose, the most important thing is to make it with pleasure, then it will definitely taste good.

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